Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Enjoy your day finding eggs, but also remembering that he gave us the most precious gift!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April is here!!!

April is here and so is spring even when I hate my allergies it's a special month, my moms b-day and she is finally home just for a month but I am super happy that I got to see her, she's had some health issues and has been in Mexico City for her treatments but she got here yesterday so we are happy! My boys are growing!!! can they just take it easy??? I want to have them little for longer but oh well nothing I can do, I guess enjoy every stage of their life! Nachito on crazy hat day, I didn't get creative, can you tell??
My handsome big boy ready to go to school!!
They love corn!
Sports day @ school!
My two cute boys!
Me and my boys they fill my heart and make my life so much fun!
@ the arts center field trip from school!
Fer and Nachito painting!We went to costco after school I guess they were hungry Nachito ate a whole costco hot dog and..

Fer ate a whole slice of pizza!!
I love those boys and enjoy their company and all they do, they are pure happiness!!!

April is here!!!

My boys!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas tree!!

WE finally got our Christmas tree, Nachito was asking for one but for some reason we just didn't go get one, so he is the happiest now with his Christmas tree, both of my boys helped decorated but I had to do some arrangements once they went back to their room to play.

Our Tree!
Nachito and mom decorating the tree

Daddy and boys

Pretending to be asleep
Thanksgiving day @ School
They love Cars and don't get tired of playing with them.
Love, love, love when they play together!
I just love my family and enjoy spending time together!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

December is here!!

We are very excited for the holidays! the boys are happy to see the lights up and we just need to go buy a tree,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First time at the movies!!!

My boys had thier first time at the movies last week and they loved it!!! we saw despicable me an awsome movie!
We also went to downtown disney there are some pictures of it, and as I was posting this I realize I didn't put anything on our trip to disney so I have something to post in a few days!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We are in Savannah!!

We have been in Savannah Gerogia for almost 3 weeks now and are sure having a good time, the most important of all is that we are together, my hubby is here on a training and we are glad that we got to come honestly not for the "vacation" as Nachito calls it but because it's just hard to be apart, so we will be here for a total of 10 weeks we have 8 to go :D
Here are many pictures of our stay here, enjoy!!

(I always loose the order so it's bottom to top)
At Tybee beach my three man built this masterpiece!!

Fer and Mommy getting some sun!!

Playing with the sand, let me mention that this is my boys first time on the beach, they just LOVED it!!

Look at that cat!!! I guess it was a little cold for him!

Loved the water while he was with mommy!

Daddy and boys!

Just arrived at the beach!
My man and I on our way!


At a park!

Enjoy the nature since we live in the desert!
Lately they play to be Batman and Robin and since the real costumes are home I guess this will do!

At the pool on the apartments

They just love being in the water


Having a bath!

I almos always at the end of a post mention how grateful I am for my boys and how loving a caring they are with eachother well they keep growing and strengtening their love and I am so very grateful for that, but right now I am grateful that we are together!!!